The Prezenter Ltd employs a team of expert graphic designers and trainers who all specialise in Prezi, and of course the art of delivering presentations. Our sole mission is to make business presentations engaging, memorable, and fun.


Russell is our fearless leader and can normally be found sipping from a coffee mug somewhere in the office. Russell wrote the first book about using Prezi for business presentations (see it here) and is on a personal mission to help business people tell better stories that engage like never before. He’s also a big believer that presentations should be fun for both audience members and presenter’s. Follow him on Twitter at @ThePrezenter.

Martyn is our super healthy Vegan who lives on a strict diet of energy drinks rather than water. Our customers benefit massively from this as he get’s amazing Prezi designs and animations done in half the time that most normal human beings would!

Josh is our office drone pilot. More importantly he was the winner of a Prezi Design award in 2015 (see winning Prezi) and consistently delivers stunning designs to our customers. It’s safe to say his presentation design skills are much better than his piloting of small aircraft!

Elisabetta is a self confessed super geek. She constantly cracks sci-fi related jokes that nobody understands but we love having her around as her design skills are (excuse the pun) out of this world. She’s also our resident Non-Linear Prezi expert and knows how to create some really amazing layouts that aid conversational presenting.

Honey sleeps a lot!

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