How it all started

Our founder Russell Anderon-Williams comes from a creative background but also spent 10 years of his working life as a training consultant and presenter.

Always on the lookout for new ways to present Russell discovered Prezi and instantly saw the potential in this great tool. After making lots of mistakes when building his first ever Prezi’s he thought ‘There must be lots of people out there that want to master this’, and from there The Prezenter was born.

The website you are on right now started it’s life as a simple blog where Russell shared best practice, tips, and advice for new user’s. Of course it wasn’t long before that blog was spotted by millions of Prezi fans and the phone started to ring off the hook!

The Prezenter today

Today The Prezenter employs a team of expert graphic designers and trainers who all specialise in Prezi, and of course the art of delivering presentations.

Russell has published books on how to use Prezi effectively, and we have been able to train over 2,000 new Prezi user’s in over 10 different countries.

We have also been extremely privileged to design Prezi’s for some of the world’s biggest companies, and all of which have come back to us for more of our design expertise every time.

The future for us

One of our objectives is to train 10,000 new Prezi user’s by 2020, and by focusing on that simple (yet rather large) task we are sure that there’s lots of exciting times ahead for us.

We are always trying raise the level of our design expertise to give new and existing customers more and more with each presentation we build.

If you are interested to find out more about our business then get in touch with us on