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Prezi-FounderA note from Prezi’s founder

Russell’s brilliant book highlights something that has always been a core motivation for why we started building Prezi: Creative thinking and helping people to see the big picture. To make a great prezi, you really have to think through your ideas and consider how they are related. You can use mind-mapping on paper, or in prezi, or on the wall, and any of these will help you see things clearly and articulate them effectively. Brainstorming your ideas in this way will also help you to arrive at a visually dynamic Prezi that will help your audiences remember and understand your content.

It is exactly when you start to see the relationships between your ideas that you trigger new ones. When you start to see a connecting thread among the myriad of concepts, a great story is born. This visual thinking enables you to create the visual story that your audiences will resonate with.

If you follow this book, will you be able to create compelling prezis that your audiences will love? Certainly. More than that, you’ll start to have new ideas, beautiful stories will be born, and you’ll be able to visualize them for your audience. It is exactly this which makes us proud and grateful to have built Prezi and to continue growing the amazing community of Prezi users.

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