Say hello to our presentation design and training experts.


Company Founder


For over a decade I worked as a training consultant and delivered hundreds of presentations using PowerPoint. Whilst I could make my slides look great there was always something missing. I couldn’t give my audience the visual journey that was always playing in my head, and that was mainly down to the fact that I was restricted by slides.

In 2009 I was one of the early adopters of Prezi. As a presenter and storyteller, I instantly saw the potential that Prezi could bring to my presentations. I was completely free to take my audiences on a memorable (and fun) visual journey. Everyone in my audience would ask how I made that incredible slide deck.

That early enthusiasm and excitement for Prezi led me to set up a dedicated blog where I would share my best Prezi tips with anyone willing to read them (The blog is still going strong). A publishing company saw my blog and invited me to write one of the first ever business books on Prezi. Then the team building the Prezi software saw the work I was doing and invited me to be one of their first official independent experts. All this led to my phone ringing off the hook with people wanting to be taught Prezi or have a Prezi designed for them.

What drives me today is helping business presenters across the globe get the same wow factor that I did out of using Prezi and other great tools to present. I get to do that by delivering training to thousands of aspiring presenters and also work with my own team of designers to create the best presentations around.

Me and my team get to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and our mission is simple…

Engage audiences by empowering presenters.

I also work as a speaker delivering talks on the importance of creativity in business, how to visualise and communicate data, how to ditch bullet points and why they are killing your audience, and how to present like a master using the FOUR C.

Now enough of me. My handsome looking team are below.

Josh is our office drone pilot. More importantly he was the winner of a Prezi Design award in 2015 and consistently delivers stunning designs to our customers. It’s safe to say his presentation design skills are much better than his piloting of small aircraft!



A self confessed super geek. She constantly cracks sci-fi related jokes that nobody understands but we love having her around as her design skills are (excuse the pun) out of this world. She’s also our resident ‘Conversational Prezi’ expert and knows how to create some really amazing layouts that aid conversational presenting.



He’s English, grew up in France and the US, speaks multiple languages, plays the guitar, defeats everyone in the office at ping pong, studies astronomy, and has some epic design skills. Is there anything he can’t do? Probably not!



Whenever deadlines are tight and the pressure is on Honey helps us remain calm and smiling with her calm and cuddly nature. She is also our front of house representative and loves greeting customers that come in for meetings.



Natalie runs a tight ship and keeps all of our creative craziness in check to make sure we are hitting deadlines and keeping customers happy.



If you have experience working in a design studio and think you’d be a good asset to our team then please drop us a line on info@theprezenter.com