Presentation planning, design, and delivery.

Our latest ebook to help you become a presentation master

With over 15 years experience of presentation design and delivery, our company founder Russell reveals his simple four step process that anyone can follow.

You don’t need to be a creative or a designer to build impressive presentations, and this ebook will show you how.

About Russell Anderson-Williams

A passion
for better

After a long career in graphic design Russell decided it was time for a change and moved into training and coaching. 

This involved delivering presentations on a daily basis and he quickly realised there was a huge need for businesses across the globe to improve the level of their presentation visuals and the quality of delivery.

After another 8 years of honing his presentation skills he decided enough was enough, and set up a dedicated design agency (The Prezenter) to help organisations raise the quality of their presentations. 

Russell and his team have now worked with hundreds of top brands, and wowed audiences across the globe.

He remains firmly focused on his mission to remove bad presentation practice from the face of business, and this ebook is another step in aiding that mission.

What you'll learn

The book contains invaluable information on the key areas of presenting.


A hugely overlooked area of presentations. In this book you’ll learn:

Content Creation

It’s not about chucking information onto slides. We focus on:


Making presentations look good is easier than ever. We look at:


Presenting doesn’t have to be so scary. Here you’ll learn:
"Books on presentations can sometimes feel too complex or a bit abstract. Russell has done a great job sharing easy to follow ideas that you could use straight away to improve your next presentation."
Kris Flegg
Director of Presentation Design Co