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May 24, 2016

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99% of people I train to use Prezi are not designers. Because of this I am always asked how they can build great Prezi designs without having to enlist the help of a designer every time. The first answer of course is to think about setting your business up with it’s own branded Prezi template. If you can do that then you and your team stand a much better chance of quickly adopting Prezi as a presentation tool.
To help you understand how having a set of icons and graphics can save you time, and give you great results, we have created this free Prezi template that anyone can copy and re-use.
In the template you’ll find a large set of icons that can be individually added to your Favourites menu inside the Prezi software.
Free Prezi Icons
To see an example of what’s possible with this small set of icons, take a look at the below video:

I hope you find it useful and the link for the template is:
For any Prezi training or design inquiries please contact us on [email protected]

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