Augmented reality and the “knowledge” age

August 23, 2017

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As you might know, augmented and virtual reality has become a big hit in the past few years, but what is it all about? Both are slightly different from each other. Augmented reality is projecting visual information onto the real world though the means of a camera. Virtual reality is immersing yourself in a new world, achieved by wearing a headset.
So far all we really see are games which include this technology, for example: vive. This high-end piece of equipment has the power to allow player to experience games first hand! Weather it’s wielding a weapon or walking with dinosaurs, this is all we seem to see from augmented and virtual reality today.
While you might think this kind of technology is something for the younger generation, its proving a wealth of good in other industries: medical, construction, science, art & design and many more. Inevitably, this is the catalyst which is going to advance the world in ways we could never imagine! Want to learn something which is expansive and requires you to be there? now its inexpensive and accessible from your home, unleashing an abundance of knowledge into the world available to everyone.
Zenka, is a street artist who produces “Art for the galactic age” in the form of raku sculptures, capturing where we are in the world of technology, today. In this short video, she talks about the evolution of humanity and where we can expect to see it going. As designers, we feel everyone must stay current to keep in the loop, this kind of advancement could help everyone in the future and really catapult us into the “knowledge” age.
What’re your thoughts? Do you think this technology will help us advance, or is it just a fad? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.


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