Avoiding bullet points Master Class

September 17, 2018

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We see them on slides every single day, but how much information do you remember that was presented to you in bullet points?

Have you ever had a conversation with colleagues following a presentation that went something like “Hey what did you think of bullet 5 on slide 16? great news huh!”. Never? we didn’t think so.

The reason we don’t get excited by bullet points, and we don’t recall important information as bullet points, is because there isn’t a single brain function that we perform in bullet points. We are all visual thinkers and the most powerful and memorable presentations will be those that speak to our visual minds with great imagery. 

We’re extremely passionate about removing bullet points from presentations here at The Prezenter, and our founder Russell has created a short 20-30 minute online course to show you just how easy it is to be more visual. Work through the short videos below and ditch bullets forever.

Step 1 – Introduction 

Here is the link to download the free icons mentioned in the video.

So now you know just how easy it can be to avoid bullet points. If you want to look better than your competitors, engage your audience more, be remembered more, then this simple tip will help you achieve all of those things.

If you’d like a free demo with Russell to talk through how you could apply this process to your own presentations please contact us by clicking here. 

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