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June 1, 2016

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Recently I delivered a Webinar for the Prezi team all about conversational presenting and the power it can have. If you missed it sign up here for my next one.
After the webinar we were inundated with people wanting to know more, and of course asking us if we could design a conversational (non-linear) Prezi for their business.
In short conversational presenting is a way to allow your audience to drive the order and flow of the presentation. It allows for a much more natural conversation, saves a tonne of time for your audience, gives a really focused approach, and removes a lot of the pressure from you as a presenter. The added bonus is that Prezi makes it extremely easy to create these.
To help everyone out there who is still wondering how it’s possible we have made this great (and free) Prezi template which can be copied into your own Prezi account. Once there you can then replace the existing imagery and turn it into a presentation about anything. Your holiday snaps, business ideas, product overviews, the possibilities are endless.
Here’s what you need to do:
1.) Click on this link to view the Prezi
2.) Click on the MAKE A COPY button located in the bottom right just below the Prezi
3.) Click to edit your copied version
4.) Inside the Prezi zoom into any of the images and select it. Click replace and drop in your own image. This step is shown below

5.) Add in your own descriptions and dates so your audience knows more about the imagery they see
6.) Hit Present and away you go!
7.) You can also replace the background image if you chose by clicking on CUSTOMIZE at the top of the screen
You don’t need to be a Prezi whizz to do this but of course if you do need some help we’d recommend our online resources here.
You don’t need to worry about adding frames and path points at all because the Prezi will know to zoom into the images you add. There are also some small instructions on the Prezi that tell you and the audience where to click in order to zoom in or out.
I hope you find it useful.
Russell (aka The Prezenter)

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