Industry Spotlight: Zooming in on the Property and Construction Market

April 12, 2019

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With over 100 million users worldwide, it is safe to say that Prezi is here to stay. Here, at The Prezenter headquarters, our team of expert designers have created presentations for every industry you can think of. But one particular industry that really brings the benefits of Prezi to life is property and construction.

The Zoom is a simple yet powerful tool for making impactful presentations

The main reason Prezi works so well for this market is the programme’s range of great features. As you’ll see in our portfolio, our presentations are all so different and unique. Prezi makes it easy to build amazing presentations. Indeed, what separates Prezi from other presentation tools is one of its core features – The Zoom.

The Zoom is a simple yet powerful Prezi tool for making impactful presentations. It enables you to show a large piece of content or a visual, then zoom in on a specific detail, and then zoom back out to see the larger overview again. With Prezi, you can achieve this with ease. Being able to zoom in and out helps your audience understand and remember more facts, because they can see the connections between the different pieces of content. The effect can be breath-taking, unlike a series of linear slides with bullet points.

How can the property and construction market benefit from this unique presentation tool? Let us show you some examples of Prezi at its finest:

Here you can see that we created a street with several properties. We use the simple pan and zoom feature to go inside one of the buildings. At that point the audience gets to see the amazing interior of the building, and then we zoom out to see the full street again.

In this example, we use an aerial shot of a National Trust site in the UK. We use the zoom feature to focus on a certain area and, once we arrive there, more content is revealed. Next, there is a further zoom in for more information before we return back out to see the full estate.

These are just two examples of how powerful the zoom feature can be for presentations in the property and construction industry sectors. If you’d like to see more, please request a free demo with us by emailing [email protected]

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