Introducing Cinemagraphs

January 8, 2016

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You may have seen some really beautiful videos online in the last few months that seem to play on an endless loop. They are mainly used in online marketing and adverts right now and are called Cinemagraphs. They are becoming hugely popular on Instagram right now and have actually improved the hit rate of marketing campaigns.
Rather than explaining what they are it’s much better we show you some stunning examples that are online at the moment. Take a look at the images below.
3-cinemagraph-photoshop-tutorials subway-newspaper-615 giphy chelsea-hotel-4429
We are extremely excited about what Cinemagraphs could bring to our customers presentations and other marketing materials. Here are some examples that our team have been playing around with here in the office.
Blinking Chilled Honey Magazine
If you are looking to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns on Instagram or any other platform then get in touch with us to find out more.

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View some more great examples here.

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