New Prezi Features

December 10, 2018

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Something all Prezi users have been waiting for is the ability to access more images and icons inside the Prezi software. Wait no more because there are two recent updates that will have your visual taste buds going crazy.
Paid users can now access 500,000 images and icons directly inside Prezi by using the following two features:

Background images

With this  feature you can now make every single Prezi presentation look like no other. The power to link a meaningful visual to your Prezi overview also means that audience members can connect with the theme and concept you are discussing. Here’s how it works:

Icons & Symbols

This greta new update means that you can be more visual with the individual bits of content inside your presentation. Check it out:

Although quite a simple update this is really going to help millions of Prezi users to create even more visually appealing and engaging presentations. That in turn means that Prezi could have the edge over its big rival in 2019 and onwards.

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