Presenting data with Infogram

November 5, 2018

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So, you’ve got a tonne of data you need to present and you know the audience is going to glaze over if you put everything onto 200 individual PowerPoint slides with tacky smart art and charts. What do you do?
We’d highly recommend you take that data and import it into Infogram to create an interactive infographic. Not only will this look amazing because Infogram helps with the design, but it’ll also make your data easier to share, and 100 times more engaging and memorable due to its interactive nature.
Rather than type a long blog about the benefits here is an Infogram graphic about the solar system. It has tonnes of data, looks great, and makes you want to keep clicking around and exploring. Click the image and enjoy!

If you’d like a demo of how Inforgam works please get in touch with us.

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