Prezi Collaboration – Another huge benefit.

April 13, 2016

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Running a Prezi design business keeps me and my team extremely busy. What’s great though is that no one here ever has to work until the early hours of the morning or over weekends to meet deadlines, and that’s all down to one amazing feature called Prezi collaboration.
The very nature of presentations being left until the last minute means that we have to react quickly to customer demands all of the time. We never freak out or cancel our social life for the next few days, but instead team up and work together inside one Prezi canvass at the same time. Below is a time lapse example of how Prezi collaboration looks when you have a few people working together to build a presentation.

Not only can you engage and inspire your audiences like never before, but you can do it much easier by collaborating with colleagues to build something great. This is yet another big benefit of using Prezi.
If you’re bored of using the same old Ppt slides when presenting then let us show you ho to master Prezi and breathe new life into your presentations. Register for our online Prezi training and get access to expert tips and advice for a whole year.
There are so many reasons why presenters should make the switch from slides to Prezi, and I hope you find this a big time saver for you and your business.
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