New Prezi Feature – Adding Audio

March 18, 2013

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So you have just delivered a stand up presentation using Prezi and the crowd went wild. They loved your content, and found your delivery style and use of Prezi very engaging.
Now comes the question…………“Can I get a copy of your slides?”

(PLEASE NOTE: This article is written for the Prezi Classic software and not for Prezi Next.)
You smile politely and ignore the fact that someone dared to use the word slides for your beautiful Prezi design! You don’t have any handouts for the presentation, but of course you’ll gladly take some email addresses and send out the link to view your Prezi later that day. That way you get to collect some contact details and you aren’t printing out huge handouts that no one will ever read again.
When it comes to sharing your Prezi though you realise that without the words you were using during your delivery the Prezi presentation doesn’t really make sense. Oh no, should you edit your Prezi design?

Don’t panic, now is the perfect time to use Prezi’s audio feature and add narration to the online Prezi you’re about to share. This will make it ten times more engaging for the viewer, and of course it means you aren’t going to be adding lots of horrible text into the Prezi design. Here is an example of a Prezi with background music and audio narration throughout. Keep reading to see how it’s done.

To see how its done take a look at our training video here. If you’d like to master Prezi you can register to access our full Prezi training course and improve your Prezi design skills forever. It’s time to be heard 😉

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