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June 13, 2016

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Last week I was one of a very small group invited to the Prezi HQ in Budapest for the grand unveiling of Prezi Business.
If you imagine the current Prezi product we all know and love as a hyper-active teenager, then Prezi Business is it’s grown up sibling who’s just graduated (with honors) from one of the top business schools in the world!
This blog explains all of the amazing new benefits that come with Prezi Business in terms of the technology itself and also how it will change your presentations for the better.

What is Prezi Business?

Business users have always been a focus of Prezi, after all that is where the majority of presentations get built and delivered. Prezi Business is a brand new tool that will run alongside the existing Prezi (core product) as a completely separate offering.
Prezi Business Icon
The new product is entirely geared towards business teams who need to build presentations quickly, collaborate much easier, present from anywhere, and that need to deliver content in a more conversational format.

What are the benefits?

Prezi collaboration
The ability to collaborate with others when building a Prezi has always been there. But now in Prezi Business you can do a lot more to keep track of comments and tasks within your team.
As the image opposite suggests you can now comment against individual elements within your Prezi and co-edit in realtime.
No more Excel or Google files with lists of required actions on them, and no more figuring out who has the latest version of the presentation file!
Remote HD Presenting
Present in HDYou can now send a link to share your Prezi with anyone in the world and present to them in crisp HD quality. You don’t need any third party software at all.
For now you will need to use your own conference line for audio when presenting.
Prezi Analytics
Prezi AnalyticsThis one is bound to get sales teams very excited.
You can now see a full set of analytics against every presentation. Who has clicked certain sections, how much time they spent there, and so on.
It will enable you to completely streamline your presentations content based on real data.
How amazing is that!
Slack integration
Prezi SlackIf you haven’t seen Slack before then we definitely recommend you check it out ( It is a messaging tool for teams that integrates with a lot of existing tools such as Dropbox and Mailchimp, and now of course Prezi Business.
A great tool, even if you aren’t a Prezi Business user!
A whole new way to present
Those of you that follow our blog will know I am a HUGE advocate of conversational presenting. I’ve used it myself to win business, and taught our customers how to use it for their own presentations with great success. Prezi Business now makes conversational presenting easier than ever to achieve. Here’s how:

Some of you will be thinking ‘But we can use conversational presenting in the existing Prezi tool’. Yes of course you can, but Prezi Business just makes things so much easier. The way you create is easier, and also the way you actually present is slicker and smoother.
I cant wait to get my own sales deck into Prezi Business!

Do I need to upgrade to Prezi Business?

Not everyone will need to look into upgrading to Prezi Business. The new tool is aimed at business teams. If you have lots of sales people al wanting to use the features I mentioned above then this is definitely for you.
If you are the only Prezi user in your business then I’d suggest sticking with the core product for now.

First impressions

Myself and my team here at The Prezenter are still playing around and seeing what’s possible with the new tool. Everyone on the teams first words when opening the software were “Wow it’s so different”. It does take a little time to get used to, especially for us Prezi designers who spend all day in the current software!
There’s no doubt though, Prezi Business is easier to get to grips with, slicker in its transitions and movement, plus has some incredible business tools behind it.
We are all so excited to start helping customers understand the benefits, and if you’d like a demo then please contact us by clicking here.
Russell (aka The Prezenter)

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