Tame your happy feet when presenting

April 12, 2019

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With days getting longer since the clocks moved forwards, our team are getting more and more keen on walking. Whether it’s taking our office dog for a walk, going for a stroll during the lunch break or even walking to work, we’ve been putting our walking shoes on.

Last week’s National Walking Day got us thinking about the benefits of this form of exercise. A recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Western Australia in Perth found out that a daily 30 minute-walk can help lower blood pressure and have the same effect as taking medication.

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Stand still when presenting and show energy

through your voice not your feet

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However, when it comes to presenting, is walking still a good idea? Can you engage your audience better by pacing up and down the stage or is it better to remain in one spot?

Whilst showing energy and enthusiasm will make you a better presenter, walking around the stage during your speech can distract your audience from listening to your message. It is best to stand still, slow down and talk with confidence in order to make a point. You can then change position on stage during transitions or in between your key talking points.

Our Director Russell Anderson -Williams has delivered hundreds of presentations over the years. Here, he shares his top tips on presenting: Video link here

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