There are no Pokemon!

July 27, 2016

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Pokemon Prezi
I have an apology to make. Last week I published an article that offered a special prize for anyone who could find the Pokemon in one of our Prezi designs. You can see that post here. In the space of a week we had about a dozen emails come in from people claiming they had found them all, and the Prezi itself has had nearly 300 views online.
I’d like to apologise to all those people that checked it out because…..THERE ARE NO POKEMON!

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There is a prize for everyone that I’ll get to at the end of this post, but the reason I purposefully created this little experiment was to prove a point.
Everyone has a little spare time here and there. And you can use that time to plan presentations.
I’ve heard a lot of people lately saying that they struggle to find the time to plan their presentations. That’s why they simply open up Prezi or PowerPoint and just start to throw content into it, hoping all the while that the software will magically create a great story and visuals for you.
Never going to happen!
To all those who spent 5-10 minutes looking for the Pokemon in our Prezi, imagine if you had put that time towards crafting a great story for your next big presentation. Or maybe mind-mapped some ideas on the content you’ll need to cover in your talk.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about hunting down fictional characters in a Prezi or augmented reality app on your phone. If your 8 years old!
Lets take a grown up approach to our presentations and give them the time they deserve. You can read more on that here.

Your prize for being good sports

I couldn’t leave you with nothing so here is a free copy of the original template that you can re-use and place content into for your next big presentation:

Now go build some awesome presentations 😉

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