Why I love Prezi so much

November 19, 2015

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My morning coffee, a good workout, some loud music on route to the office. All these things get me fired up in the morning. But more than all of those things it’s wondering about what great Prezi design we might be asked to do that day, or who we might get a chance to train in the use of Prezi that really excites me when that 6am alarm rings.

Prezi Training
Me delivering some online Prezi Training.

Those of you lucky (or unlucky) enough to have spent even 5 minutes with me will know that I am extremely passionate about Prezi, and I have been now for years. Ever since discovering it back in 2009 and having it completely revolutionise my own presentations I have made it my (and my teams) mission to make sure people understand the benefits Prezi can bring.
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a room full of fed up Ppt users getting excited about building presentations again during our Prezi training sessions. And we also take great pride in designing some really world class Prezi presentations for customers that want to wow their audiences like never before. This is why we get some great tweets like the one below.
Prezi Design Experts

Will the passion ever dry up?

Not a chance! and here’s why.
In the last few years me and my team of Prezi designers have built some incredible presentations. I realised a long time ago that it literally doesn’t matter what the subject is or how dry the content might be, Prezi can help you shape and deliver an incredibly engaging story – Not a bunch of slides, but a story!
Here is a handful of subjects we have built presentations for in the last few weeks (some have links to view). Some subjects sounds uninteresting compared to others, but everything has the potential to become so much more when delivered with Prezi. Subjects have included:

As an example just this month one of our designers Josh built an outstanding Prezi for hotel chain Hotel du Vin & Malmaison. That’s an exciting project to work on of course, and the imagery we were supplied with really helped us shape a spectacular design. You can view it in the 2015 Prezi awards here, and please vote for it if you think it’s as good as we do.
Prezi Design Awards 2015
Straight after that project Josh was onto the next piece of work which was a presentation centred around a tiny bottle! This bottle was the product of a pharmaceutical company and there were lots of technical drawings, facts, and data to accompany it. Now you might think that is a designers worst nightmare, but because Prezi allows you to tell meaningful stories it was extremely easy for us to build an engaging presentation that we know the audience just wont be expecting to see.

Jumping out of bed

So I’m going to keep jumping out of bed everyday and see what you lovely business presenters throw at us because there is one thing that Prezi and The Prezenter team are here to do for good.

Help you tell great stories!

Please feel free to challenge us with building a Prezi design for your business by contacting [email protected] or calling us on UK +44 (0)117 957 0136 US +1 (415) 644-5247

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