Why presenters need to build a bridge.

August 29, 2018

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Our Founder and Independent Prezi Expert Russell has been busy creating a series of short videos that get back to the basics of presenting. In this first video, he takes presenters right back to the start and explains something that gets missed by presenters all too often.
The foundation of your presentation should be a rock solid bridge between you (holding the knowledge) and your audience (requiring the knowledge).
You have to know where you want to take your audience. That’s your objective.
Once you know that you can start to build a bridge to help them get there.
And along the way you can have them stop and admire the view, look back at where they came from, or keep looking forward at where they’re going.
This doesn’t just apply to training presentations. You can also apply the same principle to a sales pitch, an inspirational talk, and many other scenarios. The point is that thinking of your presentation as a bridge can help you structure it in a way that gets your audience to the desired outcome.
The video is below and stay tuned for lots more useful tips like this from Russell and our team here at The Prezenter.

If you’d like to speak to Russell directly and have a free consultation to look at how your business can improve presentations just email us on [email protected]

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