3 reasons to start using Prezi

April 27, 2020

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Now could be the perfect time to move away from traditional slides.

There’s no doubt that these are trying times for us all. But we have noticed a huge amount of people using the global lockdown, or the fact they have been furloughed, to stay busy and learn lots of new skills they’ve never had time for in the past.

When is your next online Prezi course?

This seems to be the biggest question we are receiving on almost a daily basis right now. And our founder Russell is head down delivering non-stop courses online (full list here).

For those of you still a little unsure whether to add Prezi to your list of new skills, we thought you’d like to know our top 3 reasons for getting to grips with this great piece of tech.

1. Prezi Present

The presentation tool within Prezi is where it all started. The founders of Prezi wanted to give people the opportunity to present without slides, and to allow presenters to tell more meaningful stories that took audiences on a memorable journey. They achieved that right from the start in 2009 when launching Prezi, but as time has gone on the presentation tool has got better and better. 

Prezi Present allows you to create a meaningful overview image which some people call the ‘Big Picture’ or ‘Visual Metaphor’ and then insert your presentation content into or around that main image. A presenter can then present in a linear way by using a simple wireless clicker, or in an interactive conversational style that increases audience engagement massively.

However you chose to present your Prezi, the audience will be treated to a visual feast as they physically zoom into content and detail, then zoom back out to return to the main overview.

In our experience a good Prezi increases knowledge retention for the audience, improves engagement, and more importantly gets you a nice ‘WWOOOW’ sound from the audience sat in front of you. And every presenter likes to add some wow factor right.

If you want to improve presentations and stand apart from the hundreds of millions of Ppt users out there, then this tool should be enough to get onto your list of new skills to learn. Check out the below example we created for the National Trust to see what’s possible.

2. Prezi Video

This update from Prezi has come just when we need it most. Right now we are all struggling to make our messages heard online and getting used to presenting via tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting. 

Doing a good job at presenting in this new medium is one thing, but if you want to excel at online presenting and blow the socks off a new prospect or existing client when you pitch to them next then you have to take a look at Prezi Video. Before we say any more here is an example.

So once you have got to grips with Prezi Present (which doesn’t take long) you can then open a presentation inside Prezi Video and remove the gap between presenter and content.

From an audience members point of view, being able to clearly see the visuals and the presenters body language and visuals cues really helps them engage and understand what’s being presented to them.

You can also use Prezi Video to record your presentation and share it online with just a few clicks.

We recommend you give Prezi Video a go if only for the sheer fun factor of presenting in this way.

3. Prezi Design

Prezi Design is a brand new offering from Prezi that enables you to make interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics and much more.

There are times when you don’t need a presentation that will be delivered by you to a live audience, but instead you need to present data and results in an impactful way that can exist on its own for people to explore. 

Prezi Design is the answer.

What are you waiting for?

We hope that before even getting to the bottom of this blog you dived into Prezi and can see it’s potential. 

If you are still a little unsure then please reach out to us directly as we’d be happy to give you and your business a free demo and explain more of the finer details about this fantastic tool.

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