Cinemagraphs in Powerpoint

August 23, 2017

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So, how can you make your Powerpoint presentation stand out? nicer graphics? better typefaces? How about adding a full screen photo background…. That moves! Well, here at The Prezenter we’ve been testing the capabilities of Powerpoint and have been adding Cinemagraphs into some of our presentations.
Every presenter is looking at the next best way to ‘wow’ their audiences and adding something so simple as a Cinemagraph really makes any presentation stand out.
The process is pretty simple, if you know your around Powerpoint. We’ll also provide you with a brief overview on how to make a Cinemagraph in Photoshop. So, heres the process:


Find a Cinemagraph that you like on websites such as shutterstock & istock. If you have an understanding of Photoshop, then then follow step 2. If not, skip right over to step 3



1) Import your video clip into Photoshop at the ratio of 1920 x 1080.
2) Take a still image from the first frame of the video, or from which part of the video you want to use as the cinemagraph still.
3) Make sure the still image is the top layer.
4) Use the eraser tool to erase the part of the image you want moving.
5) Press spacebar to preview…. Boom, you now have a Cinemagraph!


1) Place your cinemagraph into Powerpoint and make sure it’s sent to back.
2) Click on cinemagraph and select the playback option. Then select tick loop until Stopped, rewind after playing and select Automatically on the start dropdown.
3) Add your text and icons.
4) Animate your text and icons.
5) Preview your amazing Powerpoint!

So, there you have it a fantastic way of improving your Powerpoint presentations. This is a great way of grabbing your audiences attention and something we would urge any presenter to use.
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