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Do you need to see yourself when presenting virtually?

Recently we shared a poll asking if you feel the need to see yourself when presenting virtually. With the poll recieving over 11,000 views the results showed that 38% of people said YES, they do feel like they need to see themselves on screen when presenting to an online audience. That left 63% of people giving a resounding NO, which shows that most people are comfortable enough not seeing themselves, and a few even said in the comments that it felt off-putting and strange talking to a reflection of themselves.

But with such a huge amount of experience presenting online ourselves, here at The Prezenter we do understand that it can feel very strange talking to an audience that you can’t see. And so we have created a free download to help you feel more at ease, and less like you’re just talking to your laptop.

Click the link below to download a 2 page pdf. Simply follow the instructions on the page, and present to your new virtual audience.


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