How do you share presentations?

September 4, 2014

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As a Prezi designer and trainer I am always asked why business presenters should use Prezi rather than traditional PowerPoint slides.
Of course there are tonnes of reasons why i think people should start using this great new way of presenting, and if you look through our blog for 30 minutes you’ll probably come away with a dozen or so of those reasons.
People normally think I’m going to answer them by talking about the zooming and movement which is so obvious in Prezi, but instead I tend to focus on the sensible and useful business reasons. After all it’s these reasons that encouraged me to move away from slides in the first place.

Sharing and collaborating

One of the things I like most about Prezi is that it’s so easy to share and collaborate on presentations without the need to send large files over email. Being able to keep control of your presentation is so important, and Prezi really does make this easier.
Below is an example Prezi I pulled together to help explain how most people currently share presentations, and how Prezi can provide huge benefits in this area.

I hope you found viewing that Prezi useful, and maybe it has made you think about moving over to Prezi. For current Prezi users my hope is that you now think about how to get a little more out of this great feature.
For more info on how to get the most out of Prezi email our team on [email protected]
Russell (aka The Prezenter)

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