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July 4, 2014

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Inserting Prezi content and replacing images.

Prezi allows for easy content insertion with plenty of choices available, from inbuilt shapes and symbols, to a Google image search. Which option you choose is dependant on your presentation, what information you are trying to convey, time constraints and many other factors.

It’s best to plan out before hand the type of content your Prezi requires, assembling your assets in advance will not only save time when it comes to putting everything together, but will also help with attaining a consistent look, and making sure you don’t miss anything important!
Insert images and shortcuts Prezi menus
At the Prezenter we aim to get all of the content prepared or decided on prior to the Prezi build and then use some simple techniques, along with Prezis built in shortcuts, (enable yours in the menu) to enable an efficient process. There are a whole bunch of shortcuts in Prezi, a few of which are well worth picking up, and like myself you’ll probably miss them when they don’t work in your other programs!
So which shortcuts do I use when assembling a Prezi? By far my favourite is simply pressing ‘L’ this pops up your OS’s of choice file window, just find the file you want, click and it’s right there in your Prezi. If you have previously assembled most of your content, you’ll soon see how this is such a fast method for getting it all into your Prezi and without the side panel obstructing your canvas.
Keyboard with 'L' key in focus
So that’s a nice way to get content onto your canvas, how about replacing it? Well of course you can use the same technique (press the ‘L’ key), use the side panel or if it’s an image file, (JPG, PNG etc.) you can click that item of content and use the ‘Replace Image’ button that pops up. All of these techniques have the same potential problem… replacing an image with one you have amended should be fine, however if it’s an entirely new image, it likely wont fit in the same way and will need some tinkering. You can avoid this by sizing your image dimensions consistently before hand. It’s always best to use the highest resolution images you can so that everything looks nice and crisp and allows more flexibility for re-use in the future. A few points to bear in mind when sizing images are that Prezi has a max recommended image size and large images can on some occasions slow down the smoothness of your Prezi. Check the bottom of the page for recommended image sizes.
So that’s a swift way to get content into your Prezi – [L] and some recommendations on sizing the content for the best quality, speed and flexibility. Have any areas of Prezi you’d like to see some tips on? Email us your suggestions for a future blog post and mention to: [email protected]
Easy Prezi, Ryan

Size your Prezi images more effectively


2880 x 2880

1920 x 1920

1280 x 1280

Widescreen (16/9):

2880 x 1620

1920 x 1080 1280 x 720

Projector/iPad (4/3):

2880 x 2160

2048 x 1536 1024 x 768

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