Monday morning presentations

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So it’s Monday morning, you have had a great weekend and are now ready for an even greater week where you’ll achieve lots. You grab a coffee and head to your first meeting feeling full of energy and enthusiasm. And then…..

The person running the meeting starts up their PowerPoint presentation and begins to deliver Death by PowerPoint. The enthusiasm you had for the week is instantly shattered and you begin to slowly fall asleep.

No amount of coffee will stop people falling asleep when viewing a bad PowerPoint slide deck
Or maybe the person holding the meeting has decided to use Prezi. They open up their presentation and start to deliver Death by Prezi. You were feeling just fine 10 minutes ago, but now you feel quite dizzy and motion sick. Not a great way to start the week!

To much zooming and spinning is called Death by Prezi

Avoid killing Mondays

To help you avoid delivering death by PowerPoint or Prezi on Monday mornings we have some very simple tips to share:
1 – Keep it simple
People don’t necessarily want to be blasted with bullet points on a Monday morning. Instead just give them a simple presentation and nice images to look at that clearly outlines the key areas that you’ll be covering. This should merely become used as a visual guide in the background so that the real emphasis is allowing the room to discuss key points. Conversation and engagement is a great way to start the week and get people geared up for what they need to do. Less is always more!
2 – Add some humor
Most people hate Mondays, and everyone seems to enjoy telling one another just how much they hate Mondays!
Adding some humor to your presentation is a great way to help people snap out of those Monday blues and realise that being in work it isn’t all doom and gloom. It can also help them remember your presentation and it’s key messages a lot more. We have used silly clips of cats in this blog to help make our point. Hopefully they have cheered you up a little. Aren’t they soooooo cute 😉
3 – Let the audience drive
If your content allows it then why not try to deliver a conversational presentation. This basically means that you can start from anywhere and then return to an overview to move somewhere else. This is actually possible in both Prezi and PowerPoint and can make things really interesting.
The best thing about presenting in this way is that the audience can decide what to discuss first. That leads to more natural conversations and of course increased engagement with the audience.

High Five

So let’s all just be sensible about how we present. Especially on Monday morning when we have a very different audience to deal with. Hopefully using these simple tips will result in a room on enthused staff high fiving each other, and maybe even giving the odd whoop whoop and fist pump!

Why the cats?

If you are wondering why we have clips of peoples cats above then let us explain. This is actually a subtle hint towards our free Prezi ebook which you can download now by clicking here.
The Prezenter

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