Prezi Day 2013 – Part 1

March 18, 2013

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Prepping for Prezi Day 2013

I was really honoured when asked to speak at this years Prezi Day 2013 ( in Amsterdam on October 3rd.
My talk is titled ‘Death by Prezi – and how to avoid it’. To help everyone who might not be able to attend I am going to write some blogs that show you how I’m building my Prezi presentation, and of course how I’ll avoid Death by Prezi.

As the title of this first blog suggests I’m preparing for my speach at Prezi Day 2013. Big emphasis on that word PREPARING
I’ve just spent 20 minutes with a single sheet of A4 and a pen. Time well spent because from that 20 minute session I already have some great ideas on the content I’ll need to cover, and what style the imagery might be in.
Before I go anywhere near the Prezi software I always (more emphasis on ALWAYS) spend some time Mind-Mapping my presentation. Spending time doing this before anything else helps me understand:

  1. The objectives of my presentation
  2. What content I need to cover
  3. What the logical flow might be
  4. What imagery would help tell my story

Below you can see the Min-Map I came up with.
Prezi Mind-Mapping
This will be the foundation of my speach and in my next blog posts I’ll show you exactly what I do to bring this to life in Prezi.
Russell (aka The Prezenter)

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