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October 8, 2015

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Today I had an opportunity to talk at an event about Prezi. The subject of my presentation was ‘How to think outside the slide’ and before me were several technology experts all giving presentations.
I was delighted to find out that the person talking before me was also using Prezi for their presentation which focused on social media. I managed to talk to the other speakers before the afternoons sessions and congratulated the social media expert on using Prezi, to which they responded ‘thanks, I was worried they wouldn’t have good wifi here for me to use it!’.
I fell silent and asked ‘do you know that it is possible to create an offline version of your Prezi?’. Of course they ere fairly new to Prezi and didn’t know that was possible at all.
I didn’t want to panic them before their presentation, and luckily for them the wifi connection was good. But an important point to all Prezi users talking at big events an conferences…..

..…never rely on the Internet connection being good. Always carry an offline version of your Prezi with you.

Taking your Prezi offline and making it available on any Mac or PC is incredibly easy by hitting the DOWNLOAD button on the Prezi website or clicking the SHARE icon directly inside the software.
This enables you to download what we call a Portable Prezi. Essentially it’s a .zip file that contains all of your Prezis content and can be played on any Mac or PC. It also does this completely offline so no need for wifi access at all.
No the presenter before me at this event was extremely lucky. Wifi was good and their was no issues presenting their Prezi at all. But with 200 people in the audience would you want to chance it? Definitely not!
Hit download and always carry your Prezis around with you as a backup.
You have been warned 😉

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