Presentation lean in 2016

January 3, 2016

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Presentation contentSo here we are in 2016. As presenters we now have a massive array of incredible tools available to us, and I have no doubt we’ll see presentations improve across all sectors this year.
PowerPoint is introducing new features, whilst Prezi continues to rise in popularity, and there are lots of other exciting tools like Canva which will change the way we tell our visual stories.
But before you get bogged down in mastering new tools and features take a tip from me and focus first on your content. Just like all of us right now trying to shed the unwanted Christmas weight, your presentations can also have a lot of unwanted fat trimmed away from them.
Focus on what the core message really is and remove anything that doesn’t directly link to your audience understanding that message.
Also take some time to practice your presentation so that you don’t waffle and go off track when delivering the presentation.
And that’s how your presentations can stay lean in 2016.
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