What about presentation skills?

April 24, 2014

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As presenters around the world start to realise that there is life outside of PowerPoint there seem’s to be a real buzz around which technology to use as an alternative. Of course Prezi is at the forefront of this change, but are we all to busy looking at the technology and forgetting the most important part of a presentation?……the presenter and their skill in presenting well.

The visual revolution

Prezi, eMaze, PowToon, Videoscribe, Haiku Deck, the list of exciting new presentation tools goes on and on, and I am certain that within months of writing this blog there will be even more names to add to the list. These new tools are all part of the visual revolution happening in board rooms and conferences around the world.
As presentation experts here at The Prezenter we are really proud to be at the forefront of this huge change, and we love helping presenters move away from the rigid nature of slides, BUT we feel it’s time to just give you a little reminder on what really makes a great presentation.
……….it’s the presenter of course! They will make or break a presentation, and no manner of amazing visuals will ever change that simple fact, Period.

Presentation skills and Prezi

Presentation skills training

As well as Prezi design and training The Prezenter team also delivers a large amount of presentation skills training to our customers. Afterall there’s no point turning anyone into a Prezi master if they are dull as dishwater on stage.
What we find really interesting though is organisations reluctance to take us up on the offer of presentation skills training. We hear a lot of:
– Our guys have all presented before
– I’ve presented hundreds of times
– They are all confident on stage
– Our senior managers would take offence to being trained in this
These are all fair comments but we have seen some of our beautiful Prezi designs completely ruined by these very same companies because of presenters who just aren’t confortable with the fact that there is now movement behind them where a boring old slide would usually be, presenters who stamp their feet and demand us to add bullet points to the Prezi as a visual cue for them, and also just presenters who are NOT good at engaging their audiences.

Reinvest in these crucial skills

We didn’t want to write a blog about how to be a good presenter becasue there are millions of those out there already. We just want to make a very simple point that if we as presenters are going to really benefit from these amazing new presentation tools we MUST make sure that we don’t ruin their effectiveness through our own self confidence that we are great presenters.
Everyone in business should have their presentation skills assesd every few years to make sure they haven’t picked up any bad habbits, and yes Mr CEO that includes you as well.
Our presentation skills training has helped hundreds of people worldwide to become confident on stage, present naturally, engage their audiences, and work in tandem with whichever tool they have decided to use for visuals. If you want to find out more on how we can help then email us today at [email protected]

“Afterall there’s no point turning anyone into a Prezi master if they are dull as dishwater on stage”


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