Prezi Android app + Samsung device = Present anywhere

March 11, 2015

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Recently I wrote about the release of the all new Android Prezi app. Something that I have personally been very excited about due to the fact I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone and use it for literally everything. The only thing I couldn’t do with it of course (until now) was preset my Prezi presentations whilst on the move. But now the android app is here and I have been checking out one way that Samsung device users can use it to present from anywhere.
Prezi for Android

Present form your Samsung Smart Phone

As mentioned above I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the short video below shows you how I can easily connect my phone to any tv and present my Prezis wirelessly. Take a look at the video first and the explanation on how to do this is below.


What you’ll need

To make the above possible you will need to purchase a small device called the Samsung Allshare Cast which is available easily online or from any Samsung shop. Prices are around £70 GBP ($99 USD) and the device itself is basically Samsungs version of the Apple TV device that iPhone users can grab at the same price.
Present wirelessly
1. Plug the Allshare cast into any TV’s HDMI slot
2. On your Samsung phone or tablet switch on Screen Mirroring from the settings menu
3. Your device will detect the Allshare dongle and you can confirm the connection
4. Your phone or tablets screen will now be on the TV
5. Open the Prezi app, select a Prezi to present and enjoy!
NOTE – If your projector has a HDMI slot you can also use that as well.

How could you use this in a business setting?

Personally this has given me a whole new way to present. I can really impress my customers and prospects by using two simple devices to run my Prezis from. No more carrying around a Laptop and Projector!
One of the great things this can do for your presentations though is actually allow you to put your presentation in the hands of the audience. By that I mean physically handing them your Tablet or Smart phone and allowing them to explore your Prezi. You and everyone else in the room will see exactly where they zoom into and you can then facilitate conversation around that area.
This is true non-linear presenting and trust me when i say your audience will absolutely love it!
You’ll be remembered for being innovative with how you present, and hopefully your Prezi and your presentation skills will also blow their socks off 😉
Have fun with it, and let me know how you get on the first time you use this way of presenting.

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