Prezi Design Competition

November 5, 2013

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Halloween Special

Recently we challenged all of our followers to a Prezi design competition. The theme was Halloween and our winner is now the proud owner of a Prezi Pro license. See their brilliant Prezi design here.


Halloween Prezi template

The competition was really simple. Make a copy of the below Prezi template (which is still available to anyone) and then ad your own spooky story to it. We asked one simple question that all designs needed to be centred around…….’What scares you most about presenting?’
If you’d like to copy the original template you can get it by clicking here.
Our winners design is below, and you can also read a little about how she created it.
Halloween Template
Full name: Lola González Martínez
Country residence: Spain
My profile in Prezi:
My profile in twiter: @lolitaocho
How long have you used Prezi?: I’ve been using Prezi since 2010
What is your profession?: I’m a graphic designer
What do you love about Prezi the most?: I love Prezi because it is easy, quick, and people like it a lot. You can do great things in a short time
How did you plan your Halloween Prezi?: When I saw the Halloween contest I thought it will be funny to work for a while in something diferent. I was been preparing a party for my soon’s school and i was very motivated
What other software packages did you use?: I work with power point for a long time, I’m bored of it but customers still want it. I love photoshop,(photo in general) and I work with flash creating some animations
How long did it take you to create?: I don’t know exactly but I think about 3 hours?
Any useful tips for new Prezi users? Work, work, and work and zoom in and out only when you need to

We’ll be running similar Prezi design competitions througout 2014 so if you’d like to win a Prezi Pro license for 1 year keep an eye on our Tweets or Follow the Prezi Masters Facebook group.

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