Prezi Tip – Big room = big text

August 6, 2012

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So last week I spent many nights awake until the wee hours getting presentations ready for a big corporate event in the UK.
There were lots of ‘big cheeses’ speaking who of course didnt get their presentation outlines to me until a couple of days before the actual event, hence my redbull fuelled evenings that week!

Anyway I managed to get 8 Prezis done and dusted in the short time I had and everyone was reall happy with what they saw in the dress rehearsal the day before showtime.
But wait…….
In the madness of the last few days I had managed to remember everything I write about on this blog. I planned each Prezi first, got all the imagery together in the right flavour, and then built the Prezis in layers. Job done right?
When I turned up to the events presentation suite I was shocked at just how big the room was. The people at the back were never going to be able to read the small amount of text I had to have in some frames as bullet points and graphs. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh this is a disaster!
How can I fix this?…….
I didnt have time to redesign the Prezis that used text, but I did know which pieces of text were the main focus of each presenters speach.
What I did was open the Prezis that needed fixing and added a few extra frames and paths so that the Prezis zoomed in on the key points. This worked really well and actually helped the audience and the presenters focus on what was being discussed.
Plus it only took me about 20 minutes to do which is much less time than it would have taken to move content around.
I was relieved that it went really well in the end, but also kicking myself that I didnt think about one important factor:
“How big is the room these Prezis are being presented in?”
If I’d of known this I could have saved myself those panicked 20 minutes or so and everything would have been a breeze. Anyway the message here is clear:


(Or at least some zooms into the key points being discussed)

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