Prezi Training – New grouping feature

June 17, 2012

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No I don’t mean the type to hang around the Prezi offices and wait for the staff to leave so you can follow them to the local bars. Although I’m sure the guys in Budapest get that a lot as they are all rock stars.

I am definitely a groupie because I’ve been playing around with the new group feature available in the Zebra Edit menu. It’s taken a while for this feature to creep into the software but what a relief it’s finally here.
If you haven’t spotted it yet follow the steps below and start using it right now. It’ll save you time and help you manage all of the objects on your canvass.
1. Use the SHIFT key on your keyboard to select multiple objects

2. Now click the new group icon (padlock) on the right of the Zebra edit menu

3. Your selected objects are now grouped and can be edited together

TIP 1 – Even though you have objects grouped you can still edit them individually by double clicking. Below you can see the image of an orange monster has been double clicked and can now be cropped as needed. You can also edit shapes and text when grouped.

TIP 2 – The shortcut to group and ungroup objects is CTRL G on your keyboard.

What does this mean for Prezi users?

If you’ve built complicated Prezis you’ll know exactly how hard it is to keep track of all your individual objects. Even when you follow my Prezi design steps:
Plan your Prezi
Get the flavour right
Build in layers
With so many objects on the screen it can be tough to manage everything. That is no longer an issue at all. When you get to the building (Step 3) and create your frames just make sure you select everything and press CTRL G on the keyboard.
Really hope this blog helps.
Let me know your thoughts on the new feature.
Aka The Prezenter

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