Prezi Training Tip – Say it, don't spray it!

June 9, 2011

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Just a quick posting about a very VERY important point I’d like to make.
I should say first that this isn’t only related to Prezi, but to all presentation design, and my point is simply…..

…Say it, don’t spray it!

I was handed a PowerPoint presentation recently and asked ‘can you make this look better in Prezi?’, No problem I replied, but when I opened the slides I couldn’t believe the amount of text I could see. The presentation was for an hour of training, and being presented by a trainer – a real person in the room, talking to the delegates. So why why why did this person have pretty much everything they were going to say to the room written on the slides as well?
Whenever you present anything you must think about, and divide up 2 things:

  1. What am I going to say? – This would normally be some form of script that you have in front of you, or is well reheresed and your audience never see’s
  2. What am I going to show? – These should be images to back up your words

Please think about these 2 key points when designing any presentation, and you should end up with something thats much easier for your audience to digest, understand, and hopefully retain knowledge of.
Don’t just spray your script all over the slides. If you do then you might as well just sit with your audience and let them read whats on screen.
You are who they’ve come to see, and it’s you they want the answers from.
Okay my rant is now over – phew had to get that off my chest!
aka ThePrezenter

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