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March 13, 2014

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Our newest Prezi Designer Ryan shares some of his insider tips on how you can get the most out of Prezi.

Prezi designer

THE PREZENTER: What made you want to get involved with Prezi designs for The Prezenter?
RYAN: I’ve been a designer for a long time. All design is bout story telling, website design, logos, branding, everything you design has some kind of message that you as a designer need to bring out in the visuals. I love this element of design and it’s even more dominant in presentation design because you have a speaker who is telling people the story that you’ve helped create.
THE PREZENTER: So why make the move towards Prezi and not just standard PowerPoint design?
RYAN: Quick answer is just because Prezi looks so cool. To go a bit deeper though it genuinely has story telling capabilities that you just don’t see in PowerPoint. It can be used badly of course (Death by Prezi) but even an average Prezi design is a million times more engaging that any PowerPoint.
THE PREZENTER: What is your favourite feature in Prezi?
RYAN: That’s tough to answer…….I love the fact that Prezis are so easy to share online, I know cloud based software is becoming common place but it’s a huge benefit for Prezi users. I also love the new image effects feature which can really help you achieve a nice consistent look and feel in your Prezi design even if your images are from different sources.

THE PREZENTER: What are you working on right now?
RYAN: We have some really interesting Prezi Designs being created for huge enterprises which i probably am not aloud to mention. Each of them are completely different in their design so it makes for an interesting time at work. I’m also working on some TOP SECRET Prezi templates which we will be releasing for FREE on our website very soon. If you’re into sports then you’ll definitely want to check them out!
THE PREZENTER: What are your top 3 tips for Prezi users who aren’t designers like yourself?
RYAN: Great question. I am very lucky to be a designer and to work on such great Prezi designs, but I honestly believe you don’t have to be a designer or overly creative to make something beautiful in Prezi. Here are my top 3 tips:
1 – ALWAYS ALWAYS plan your Prezi on paper before you touch the software. You need to know how your presentation is going to flow and what the journey looks like. If you don’t know that it is very easy to lose control of your design.
2 – Write a good script. If you know what you are going to say before you start designing your Prezi it can really help you with the visuals. For example our Death By Prezi presentation use’s visuals that are all based on flight. This concept came out after reviewing the script that our Director was going to use. We realised there were lots of links to flight and so we used this to help us build a great Prezi.
3 – Get good imagery. Even if you aren’t a designer you can get great imagery from It doesn’t cost the earth but you’ll be guaranteed professional imagery that will really help you bring out your visual ideas onto the Prezi canvas.
THE PREZENTER: Thanks Ryan. Do you ever take your Prezi shades off?
RYAN: Hah, no never. So many customers are envious of my Prezi shades.
We’ll be introducing more members of our team over the coming months. Ryan will be tweeting hints and tips whenever he can so follow him on @ryanprezenter

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