Prezi for sales people

March 13, 2014

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Using Prezi for non-linear sales script

Prezis don’t always have to be stunning visual presentations. They can just be a way of structuring important content that you need to refer back to easily and quickly. Read on to see how we made a sales script for a telesales consultant using Prezi.

Prezi for sales

A refreshing use of Prezi

The Prezi screenshot above will not being going into our Prezi design portfolio, but it is the most refreshing use of Prezi I have seen for a long time. What makes it even better is our newest team member Lianne created this herself to help structure her questions and thoughts on sales calls to new prospects.
Watch out if you get a call from her….she’s using Prezi to sell you Prezi… amazing is that! 

Structuring non-linear content

A bad sales call is normally one delivered without any structure, one that doesn’t have answers to objections, and one that isn’t flexible enough to adapt to the person at the end of the line. On the other hand a great sales call is one that doesn’t feel like a sales call at all, but more like a conversation with someone that helps you realise you do really need their product or service. It’s more of a natural conversation, but good sales people will always be leading the way to that deal without you realising what’s happening.
The Prezi you can see above is so beautifully simple, and the objective behind it is to help our own sales person do the following:
1. Identify the type of customer
2. Ask the right questions for that particular customer
3. Mention the right benefits that will interest them
4. Identify their needs
5. Hopefully secure further contact or a deal
Because of how the content has been laid out, our sales person can quickly navigate to the relevant area to see the benefits and questions that should be relevant. It isn’t a script but merely a guide or checklist to make sure every call they make is relevant to each person.
And trust us it works 😉

Getting non-linear in Prezi

To give you an idea of how flexible Prezi can be we have added another screen shot below of the Path Steps in this Prezi.
Prezi non-linear sales presentation
This structure means you can start with the main overview of every customer type, then as soon as you know the direction you want to go in you simply click that area and then use the right arrows to flow through that section. You can jump back at any time, or come all the way out to start from the beginning again.
It works amazingly well, is extremely simple to put together, and in my humble opinion gives us yet another reason why more business people should adopt the Prezi software. It’s more than just a presentation tool, it’s a way to help you structure your thoughts no matter what role you are in. Embrace the flexibility Prezi can bring and I’m sure you will also come up with other great use’s for it.
We will Endeavour to make a reusable Prezi template that every sales person can use for the very same reasons as above, but for now if you’d like more info on how our sales legend Lianne use’s this you can get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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