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March 6, 2014

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If you want your business presentations to benefit from Prezi then it’s the staff using it that will make this happen. If they haven’t had quality Prezi Training right from the start are they really using Prezi in the right way?
Here are some of the benefits that investing in Prezi training will bring to your team.

My business use’s Prezi and our presentations are great

That was the statement made by someone (who’ll remain nameless) at one of our open Prezi Training Workshops recently. They loved the Prezis they had seen their colleagues build so much that they offered to share them with the class. We put the first Prezi they had brought along on screen, and the person in question started to grin with excitement.
And then it happened………….
The whole class was treated to a prime example of Death by Prezi! The presentation zoomed and spinned all over the place, and it was also really obvious that whoever built this Prezi had just used the Insert PowerPoint slides option, linked the slides together with a path, and then proclaimed to be a Prezi design guru………………..Insane!
Thankfully this happened half way through our Prezi training course so by then everyone in the room knew what a bad Prezi was, and they also appreciated that what they were seeing on screen right now was everything they shouldn’t do when designing a Prezi.
Everyone very subtly and politely told the person in question that maybe they should tweak the design and change a few things. As a Prezi Expert and Prezi Trainer it was a delight to see everyone offering good design advice.

What you’ll gain from good Prezi Training

Anyone can set up a Prezi license and start building Prezis, but the biggest problem we see is that people who haven’t been trained by an official Prezi expert still think in a PowerPoint way. That normally results in Prezi presentations that spin and zoom far to much and cause Death by Prezi, Also Prezi designs that don’t seem to have a visual metaphor behind them, and just generally Prezis that move in a very slide by slide PowerPoint way.
If you have fallen in love with Prezi and want to really make the most out of everything it has to offer then you should invest in good Prezi Training. The benefits that you and your business will gain are:
1 – Knowing what a bad Prezi looks like
2 – Understanding how to avoid Death by Prezi
3 – Proper use of Paths and Frames
4 – How to plan a good Prezi design
5 – Finding the right imagery for your Prezi
6 – The quickest route to building a great Prezi design
7 – Linking your content to a visual metaphor
And the list goes on and on……….

Get Prezi Training from an official Expert

The Prezenter offers many different types of Prezi Training but our goal for each is simple…..
We have a duty to share Prezi best practice with the world, and we want every Prezi user to build engaging and memorable Prezis
Email [email protected] to find out how we can help you build great Prezis

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