The truth behind our succes

May 16, 2024

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It's time to come clean!

Our presentation design agency has been going strong for nearly 14 years now.

In that time we have worked with so many incredible clients, and some big names such as Amazon, National Trust, Logitech, MTV, Chelsea FC, and recently the awesome team at Diary Of A CEO and the man himself Steven Bartlett.

But I feel like it’s time for us to come clean about how we’ve built so many incredible PowerPoint and Prezi presentations over the years, and the answer is nothing to do with the tools I just mentioned.

Our big secret

Back in the day when we started our journey as a presentation design agency we only focused on one tool, and that was Prezi. Back in 2010 it was the new kid on the block and really changed the way you could present. But to be ‘good’ at building Prezis you needed to think differently, you needed to forget about slides and you had to really spend some time planning your presentation.

Prezi forced us as a team to think about every aspect of the presentation. From the content to the overarching theme, all the way through to the audience type and demographic, and how the presentation was going to be used by the client.

There was so much planning to do in those early days of starting an agency, and that is what led us to create so many incredible designsand become recognized globally as Prezi experts.

That same thinking and level of planning has now also led us to gain a great reputation as some of the best PowerPoint designers in the business. Our BIG secret to success is simply planning, and it can elevate all of your presentations as well if you make time for it.


We all have time to plan a presentation. Some more than others of course, but even 20 minutes of planning can help you improve your presentation. If you have half a day or even a full day to plan then that’s of course going to elevate things even more.

If you’d like to see how we approach all of our presentation designs in a very simple to follow process then download our ebook ‘Present like a master – Use the FOUR C’ directly from our website here.

And if you still don’t have time to plan but you desperately want to improve your business presentations then why not work with us. Get in touch with us using the contact form below.


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