What inspired our latest Prezi book?

September 26, 2014

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We’ve had some great feedback on our very strangely titled new book ‘Prezi killed my cat‘, and we just wanted to explain what inspired us to write a new book in this way. Especially a book that is written and delivered in such a drastically different way to our first title ‘Mastering Prezi for Business‘.
We decided a long time ago that writing Prezi books and blogs is a great way to achieve our goal of helping as many new Prezi users as possible. But the one problem with writing anything for software in general is that the product you write for is going to grow, improve, change its skin, gain new features, and so on. Trying to keep up with that would mean writing new titles every month which of course is just not easy to do.

So why is this book any different?

This book is different for the simple fact that Prezi is different. In our opinion Prezi is much more than just a piece of software, it’s an entirely new way to think about and deliver your presentations. It’s a mind-set that once mastered can turn even the most uncreative amongst us into presentation gurus.
If you really want to become a world class Prezi designer then you need to focus on how you plan and approach every design so that you always avoid Death by Prezi.
It is this focus on planning and approach that inspired the new title. We wanted to write a Prezi book that would be timeless and not out of date as soon as a new feature was released. We are pretty sure we have achieved that, and if you want to see exactly what happened to the cat mentioned in the title then you’ll just have to grab your free copy from here.
We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.
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