What's your presentation Plan-B?

August 30, 2016

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Presentation Plan B
Today I’m writing this post from my bed. Not because I’m lazy, but because once again an old back problem has decided to hit me without any prior warning (tiny violins out please!). Unfortunately I was supposed to be delivering some Prezi training today and have had to cancel at the last minute. Not good at all, but it just couldn’t be helped.
It’s got me thinking though about what other presenters can do when they physically cant get to their audience. It’s important to have a Plan-B in place so that your content can still get to the people who were expecting you. After all it is hard enough to get customers or prospects all in a room to speak to them once, let alone having to reschedule for another time.
Here are some tips I have for always being able to deliver your content.

Online delivery

I’ve always used GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar to host online presentations. There are dozens of other options but for me GoTo has always been simple to use and fairly cheap to subscribe.
Prezi always runs really well through GoTo Meeting which is another reason I like to use this platform over others.
Simply set up an online meeting. Email your audience members the details. Login and share your Prezi with them as you talk through it.
A nice touch is that you can also use a web cam to make it a little more personal, and you can record the session as well. Send the audience that recording afterwards so they can review everything again if they need to. That’s a little better than being there in person in my opinion!

Online presentation with audio

If you have a little more time to prepare then I would highly recommend using Prezi’s ‘Add voice-over’ option and creating a fully online version that your audience can look at and review in their own time. Suggest to your audience that you have a call to discuss what they’ve seen and heard, almost a Q&A session based on your online Prezi.
You can learn how to use that feature here.
They’ll hopefully appreciate the extra effort you have put in to still make use of the scheduled time, and I’m sure they will also be a little bit impressed with the innovative use of Prezi online.
Even if you aren’t laid up in bed with a bad back like me, creating an online version and linking your audience to it after your presentation is a really nice touch.

Make a Plan-B

So if you haven’t got a Plan-B I suggest you put this on your to-do list right away. It can really save your bacon and also make you look like a true pro who’s prepared for any eventuality.
So what was my Plan-B for today?
Well if you didn’t already know I can train you in the dark art of Prezi without even being in the same room as you! How I hear you cry. With our fantastic self paced online course which is free to try here. You’ll get a full beginners course to learn Prezi, plus our brand new course on how to create conversational presentations with Prezi. There will also be many more courses on their way which you’ll pay no extra for once registered.
Sorry for the hard sell, but now that I’m bed ridden with this back issue I have to make a living somehow right 😉

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