5 Ways a presentation expert can help

September 19, 2019

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Do you dream of delivering presentations that are memorable, entertaining and inspiring? If you’re pitching to win £1M of new business, then why would you want a presentation done fast and cheap? We recommend finding a professional presentation expert to see how they can help.  

Here, at The Prezenter, we proud ourselves to be presentation experts and designers. We’re passionate about presenting and helping our clients create amazing presentations. 

Presentation experts can help you with key aspects of your presentation: core message, content, visuals and target audience. Let’s take a look at what presentation experts are good at, apart from building and designing mind-blowing presentations. 


1. Help you uncover the core of your presentation 

The reason most presentations fail is that they have no defined core message to add guidance and structure to everything else. Any regular gym goers will know that if a person has a weak core (i.e. a big beer belly) then they will most likely not be able to perform well at other physical tasks such as running, swimming, and so on. They’ll also be more prone to back pain and injuries. 

Put that into presentation terms and you’ll have a very disjointed talk, fail to engage an audience, and hours wasted on your part throwing useless content onto slides before the big day.

One thing we love to do here at The Prezenter is talking to our clients and asking simple questions about the presentation they’re giving:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Do they already know about you and your business?
  • What outcome are you hoping for this presentation?

And so on.

Usually, it’s by answering these simple questions (and a few more) that a client will innocently say something that gets our creative light bulbs flashing. There will be a message or phrase they use without even thinking that we instantly recognise as the real core of the presentation. It’s this that we then use to build everything else around. This core message helps us and our clients define which content to add, and of course how our creative geniuses here are going to bring that to life in the presentation. 


2. Ask technical questions you wouldn’t have thought of and make sure there are no unforeseen problems on the big day.

Whether you use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, or Keynote there are certain aspects to consider when designing your presentation. To avoid any technical issues on the day, talk to a presentation expert. They know which questions to ask to ensure that you can be prepared so that everything goes smoothly. 

One thing that we have absolutely mastered here at The Prezenter is the ability to think 4 moves ahead. We’ll always ask a tonne of questions about the environment our clients are presenting in, the device they are using to present with, which version of the chosen presentation tool they have, and much more.

We would never send someone into a big tender presentation with just a single online version of a presentation. We like to make sure people have everything offline, online, backed up on memory sticks, and available should our good old friend technology decide to mess with us on the big day.

Audience in a presentation

3. Increase your audience engagement 100 fold through the use of great design. 

As presentation experts, we recommend to keep it simple. Say goodbye to endless lists of bullet points, and cramped slides filled with too much content. The way a presentation expert approaches a brief is by identifying the key ideas for each slide and simplifying complex concepts. Less is definitely more when you want an audience to quickly look at and understand your messages. 

Everyone on our team is an experienced graphic designer and they have all delivered presentations at some stage in their career. That puts them in a much better position than Joey Freelancer you found online who says he can build you a Prezi for £30! Take a look at some of our recent client presentations.   


4. Recommend the best presentation tool for your presentation – when to use Prezi or when PowerPoint is better suited.

Each presentation software has unique features that make it a better format for each presentation. For example, PowerPoint has a great tool called the Morph transition, which allows you to create a super-slick ‘transition’ between slides, that feels almost like an animated video rather than PowerPoint.

Similarly, Prezi works well for delivering a conversational style presentation that forces you to think about the visual metaphor of your presentation and story. With Prezi, it’s easy to insert visuals – icons, images, audio, and video. You can read a detailed comparison between Prezi and PowerPoint here

A lot of the time people come to us because they have seen a new feature in PowerPoint that blew them away, or they’re tired of PowerPoint and want to try Prezi. This is great news for us as we love these kinds of conversations. As mentioned in points 1 and 2 above though, we make sure to ask a tonne of technical questions and we also work hard on understanding the overall objective of the talk.

When we know all of these things and our creative team’s brains start to bubble with ideas, it’s really at that stage in which we say things like ‘We think you should use Prezi because….’

We always focus on message, objectives, audience, and environment first before jumping into which presentation tool we think works best.


5. Support clients on the day of the event, and can be onsite for any last-minute changes 

Another valuable aspect of working with a team of presentation experts is having support even after the presentation has been created. We offer presentation training on using the software, which is handy for making any last-minute changes that the CEO likes to spring on people. In addition, we can also support our clients either remotely or in-person at the event. This puts our client’s minds completely at ease and it is a brilliant opportunity for us to see our fine work presented on stage.

Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a free consultation so you can find out more about what we do and how we can help: [email protected]

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