Microsoft Noun Project

July 21, 2017

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Do you create PowerPoint presentations? Want to enhance your slides and documents with bespoke and stylish icons? Microsoft have released a new ‘Add-in’ which will allow you to do exactly that! And it’s inside PowerPoint and Word! All you need is a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
Microsoft’s Noun Project is an integrated ‘Add-in’ with over 1 million icons to help create your best presentation. If you have an Office 365 subscription you can download it free and have access to 100 icons. With a free license, the creator’s name will be present and you’ll need to credit the artist (that in mind, you can purchase them ‘Royalty-free’ for $1.99 each). If you wanted access to more icons, you can purchase a yearly ‘NounPro’ license for just $39.99 a year!
These icons are easily placed within PowerPoint or Word with it’s easy to use, customisable menu. Change colour and size of the icons with a few clicks. Here’s How!
Go to the Noun Project Office store here and download the ‘Add-in’. If you wish to purchase the full package, click here and follow the next steps.
Click ‘Add’ next to the icon and follow the steps to get it added to your Office.
It should now bring up a PowerPoint with instruction on how to use it!
Below is an example on how to activate the ‘Add-in’ and also add icons!

To activate the ‘Add-in’ go to insert and find the ‘Add-in’ tab. Then click ‘My Add-ins…’
This should bring up a panel where you should see ‘Icons by Noun Project’ in the top left of the panel. Click it then move down and select ‘Add’ in the bottom right. This should now bring in the Noun Project pane. Here you can search icons. To add them all you need to do is find an icon you like and select it. This brings you to ‘Customise’ pane where you can select the colour. When finished, click ‘Insert Icon’ and the icon is yours!
If you don’t have an Office 365 subscription but still want access to this service, click here to use the web interface and still get icons!

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