Ppt Morph vs Prezi – Update

October 6, 2017

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A few months ago PowerPoint decided to shake things up a little and introduce some new features. One of these is called Morph and it was the feature that grabbed our attention the most. We wrote about it here back in July and it’s now time for an update.

What is PowerPoint Morph?

Morph is not the cute character that many UK 30 somethings will remember from TV! It is a simple transition feature that allows you to animate smooth movement from one slide to the next.
When in the right hands here’s an example of what is possible to create with Morph:

Pretty exciting right?!

Our thoughts on Morph after 3 months

We have used Morph now for several PowerPoint projects and when our designers get their hands on it they create true magic, as is evident in the above example.
The only draw back right now is that Morph (and other new features) can only be used in MS Office 365. Most of our customers use much older versions of Microsoft Office Suite and there have been times when we just couldn’t physically supply a presentation using these features. However, we are seeing more companies move to Office 365 now so that pain point wont last long.
For us the best thing about Morph is that it can duplicate a lot of the Prezi zooming features we love in that product. Another great thing we found when using Morph is that it if you use the same background in your slides throughout the entire slide deck, it can look like you aren’t presenting with slides at all. It feels more like you are moving around a canvas which again is very much like Prezi. The Space X example above illustrates that really well because you cant tell when you move from one slide to another.

The conclusion

First of all it’s important to say that this is not (as some thought) a Prezi killer! Prezi is still a very different animal from PowerPoint and there are still big benefits to be had in using Prezi for certain presentations.
It’s also important to say that PowerPoint Morph is AMAZING. And yes we had to put that in bold italic caps because it is that good!
The Space X example above is just one of many designs we have created using this new feature. It’s fantastic that we can now wow our customers with more than just Prezi, and if you haven’t tried using this great new feature yet we’d encourage you to go an take a look asap.
Watch out for many more amazing Ppt designs from us in the coming months, and get in touch if you’d like a demo and to see even more designs.

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