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September 26, 2017

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On September 20th we were lucky enough to host a small group of 50 guests and present to them about the innovations in presentation technology. The event was titled Communicate Innovate 2017 and we invited Marketing and Communications professionals from our home town of Bristol. To our surprise once word got out about the event a few people even travelled from London to be there with us. We were very humbled by the effort everyone made to show up and get involved. Here are some of the highlights.

Prezi Next

Our very own Prezenter (Russell) kicked things off with an introduction to the latest and greatest version of Prezi.
Most of the audience had no experience of Prezi and without turning the session into a training event Russell was able to explain the benefits it can bring to all presenters.
To hear Russell explain the benefits of Prezi CLICK HERE.

Prezi AR

We were extremely honoured to have the founder of Prezi Adam Somlai-Fischer join us and introduce the audience to Prezi AR (Augmented Reality).
His explanation of how Prezi AR can help presenters communicate the spatial relationships between content was fascinating.
We have no doubt that Prezi AR is going to be a huge step change in how we all present. For an example CLICK HERE.


New PowerPoint features

To keep it a level playing field at the event we introduced our audience to 3 of the brand new updates to Powerpoint. All of these updates are available to Office 365 subscribers and really help take your slides to the next level.
We’ll be launching more information on these soon but for an example of whats possible check out this impressive Ppt design by one of our team at The Prezenter.

Coming to your town!

We have had lots of people asking if/when we’ll be doing a similar event in their town.
The answer is YES!
We want to make sure all presenters have access to information and updates that can help them improve.
If you want us to run the event in your town or city and know of a good venue then please get in touch with us on [email protected]

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