Presentation Tip: Choosing the best font size

August 7, 2019

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One aspect presenters need to consider when designing a presentation is the Font size for the text. How do you decide which size works best for your presentation?
There are several factors that can influence the size of the text on the slides, including the space where you’ll be presenting and the number of attendees. If you want your audience to read the text on the screen with ease, go for a bigger size font. Simple right?! Well here are a few tips to consider:

Presentation space

Most of us will know where we are presenting and can find out the size of the room. This might feel silly at first, but when you’re building your slides try connecting up to a projector or widescreen tv, get up from your seat and walk as far back as you can. Try to simulate the live scenario you’re preparing for and imagine you’re an audience member at the very back of the presentation space. Can you read the text?
If the answer is no, you need to go BIGGER.

Presentation content

If the text on your slide takes any longer to read than 3 seconds, you have too much text!
We know that sounds really annoying because you’ll have to get rid of the essay you’ve just written on slide 1 of your PowerPoint, but guess what, people in your audience didn’t come to read. They came to listen to you talk about your subject matter. So ditch as much text as you can.
Having less text also means you can make the remaining text much larger. It’s a win-win.
In the video below, our Company Founder and Prezi expert Russell, gives his thoughts on choosing the right font size.

As you can see, when the text is too small, you can’t read it and you start to lose interest. This is a common mistake with presenters – overcrowding their slides with too much text in a small size font that no one can read or remember.
The best approach is to only include the key facts in your slide. After all, you are the presenter, so you can discuss things in more detail during your presentation.
Don’t forget to make presentations as visual as possible! Choose the best images and videos that complement your text and help your audience better engage with your message.
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