Reaching 200: How the Presenting Tools are Changing

May 7, 2019

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Last week we posted our blog number 200 – quite a milestone! For nearly 7 years The Prezenter team have been doing their best to make an impact in the presentation space. One of our mission statements is to Engage audiences by empowering presenters’ and we’ve certainly been doing all we can to live up to that.

To mark the occasion, we’d like to share with you how the presentation landscape has changed over the last few years, and where we think everything is heading to.

Prezi is here to stay

We’ve said it since day one of Prezi launching, this presentation tool is going to be around forever! With over 100 million users worldwide, Prezi is without any shadow of a doubt the closest rival to PowerPoint.
As certified Prezi experts, we always get first look at the new features being developed. Hence, we can see the direction it’s heading to and we’re extremely excited about the impact it continues to have on the way we build presentations. Prezi is now simpler to use, it has incredible integrations for adding better visuals,  and it’s the preferred presentation weapon of choice for more and more people. Here’s an example of a recent presentation we created using Prezi.

PowerPoint’s Revival

If you prefer Microsoft Office 365,  then you’ll love the incredible new features which can take your presentation to the next level. PowerPoint is so easy to use, it often surprises people with the possible results. ‘This can’t be PowerPoint!’ we’ve often heard people comment. The SpaceX presentation below is a good example of what can be achieved:

To breathe new life into your slide decks, without having to switch to a completely new programme, try using some different tools from PowerPoint including Morph, Zoom, and 3D. If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to show you at one of our upcoming training sessions.

Waking up to story

One thing people are starting to realise is that having amazing visuals and fancy innovative features in their presentations is not enough to grab the audience’s attention. You have to have a great story more than anything.

Whether you use Prezi or PowerPoint, story is everything as without it you can’t guarantee total audience engagement throughout the entire presentation

Also, if you start to build your presentation by designing your story, it actually makes the design side easier and more focused. Whether you use Prezi or PowerPoint, the story is everything and without it you can’t guarantee total audience engagement throughout the entire presentation.

The Future of Presenting

We believe that in the next couple of years we’ll see a huge wave of presenters focusing on getting back to basics – good story, great visuals, and strong presentation skills. Right now focusing on those things will place you way above the average presenter and you’ll be sure to grab more attention when pitching to the same prospects or delivering a keynote address at big events.
As far as technology goes, more steps will be made towards using innovative tools in areas like augmented reality (watch this space!). But we feel strongly that the two main players  – PowerPoint and Prezi – will continue to innovate their tools and release new features that help presenters. We don’t know what those tools will be exactly but, as Prezi gains ground on the number of users PowerPoint has, we’re excited to see what’s next!
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