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Effective and impactful presentations are now more important than ever. With the vast majority of businesses having no choice but to present online, it is crucial that you maximise your time with the audience.

All of our training sessions are focused on helping you develop great presentation skills, confidence when presenting online, and the ability to create the very best visual communication possible. 

Our courses are all delivered online and can be tailored to the needs of you and your team.

Online Presentation Training

Does the thought of presenting online fill you with dread?

Presenting in general has always been a tough gig, but in this short online training session we focus on 2 areas that will help you become confident, engaging, and memorable in your next online meeting.

PowerPoint Training

PowerPoint has a few new tricks up its sleeves. But before we get into that we like to show all of our attendees how to optimise their use of this great presentation tool.

We’ll show you how to organise the software to be set up specifically for you, and how to save lots of time when designing slides. After that we dive into new features such as Morph and Zoom, and you’ll be amazed at what is possible.


Prezi training

If you are looking for Prezi training then why not join a session delivered by one of the few globally recognised experts. Our founder literally wrote the book on how to use Prezi for business presentations!

In this great online training you’ll learn how to ditch the PowerPoint mindset, think and plan for presenting with Prezi, as well as a step by step guide to building your very first Prezi.

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