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Now is the time to improve your presentation skills.

We have INSTANT ACCESS or LIVE ONLINE TRAINING courses that focus on areas such as Prezi, Advanced PowerPoint, and how to Present online.

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Advanced PowerPoint Training

How to design better slides and increase engagement

In this 2 hour online workshop we will focus on how to create Ppt slides that look incredible and engage your audience much more.

Together we’ll focus on:
Using video as a background.
Working with imagery.
Ditching bullet points.
The Morph transition.
Conversational presenting with the Zoom feature.


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Pro tips for better Prezi designs

In this 2 hour online workshop you’ll learn how to take your Prezi skills to pro level. Russell Anderson-Williams is an official Prezi expert and author of several Prezi design books. Learn how to make your Prezi designs looks amazing and engage your audience like never before.

Together we’ll focus on:
Perfect planning for Prezi success.
Creating a powerful intro to your Prezi.
Customising topic covers.
Making a point without bullet points.
Making data interesting and memorable.
Plan and execute a Prezi video.

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Prezi training online

Beginner Prezi training (For newbies)

In this 3 hour online workshop we will help you get started with the amazing Prezi presentation software. If you are completely new to Prezi and want to get to grips with the basics this is a great course for you.

Together we’ll focus on:
The Prezi canvas
The Prezi mindset
The user interface
Sharing your Prezi 

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