Acquis Insurance

PowerPoint Presentation for Lease Europe live event

The Brief

We have worked with Acquis Insurance for many years. In 2023 some of their team were tasked with presenting on stage at the Lease Europe event in Belgium. There would be over 400 audience members in attendance and the focus of the talk was electric vehicles. We were given a very simple task by our client. MAKE THE PRESENTATION LOOK AWESOME!

The Solution

Our team of PowerPoint designers quickly decided that the presentations content should centre around a futuristic-looking electric vehicle.

We used an AI Image generator called MidJourney to create the interior of an electric vehicle, and from there we were able to manipulate the image inside PowerPoint to bring it to life and take the audience on a memorable journey.

As you can see from the PowerPoint design above, we have used the digital dashboard of the electric vehicle as a placeholder for the presentation content.

Zooming into the dashboard gave the audience a huge amount of wow factor and many commented that it was the best presentation of the whole event.


We just finished our session for today and it went really well! The whole room was impressed by the presentation, they were so astonished that it was a PowerPoint