GP Batteries

PowerPoint sales presentation

The Brief

GP Batteries were looking to increase sales but realised their sales presentation wasn't as strong as it could be. We were invited to meet the team and explore how we could change GP Batteries whole approach to presenting.

The Solution

We introduced GP Batteries to the art of conversational presenting. This essentially means using an interactive presentation that is guided by the audience and their area of interest rather than a traditional linear flowing presentation.

The team at GP Batteries were excited by this idea and we got to work creating a powerful big-picture visual that could tie all of their content together.

You can see the finished result below.

Press play on the video above to see the interactive PowerPoint in action. 

We start the presentation from a view of the home. This was a concept we arrived at after realising that batteries help bring the home to life! 

Each room contains different content and can be easily navigated to by clicking on the icons. The presenter can also return to this home screen at any time during the presentation.

The sales team fully embraced this new conversational way of presenting and as a result sales increased within 12 weeks of using the new deck.