Prezi Design Awards Winner

The Brief

Our brief was to create a mind-blowing presentation that showcases all of Malmaison and Hotel du Vins assets. The Prezi was for a high stakes presentation so the pressure was on! You can see the end result opposite. Prepare to be wowed.

The Solution

Rather than taking the standard approach of using a map we decided to combine all of the great hotel photos into one great montage. We called this the Malmaison street and it became the focal point of our presentation. All content was placed inside the hotels and we took the audience on a journey through each.

The Result

We are sure you’ll agree that the end result is one of the best Prezi’s you are likely to see. A lot of people agreed with us and for this design we won the 2015 Prezi Design Awards for best use of zoom. Our client also delivered a jaw dropping presentation with this Prezi.